Ed’s diner Review.

This was my second time having breakfast at this American diner located at the heart of Cardiff ( I believe Dewi Sant Mall is the heart and soul of Cardiff, I’m not wrong!). The first time was good  amazing. I ate the most delicious pancake ever. 

My Sisters and I planned to catch up post lockdown 1.0 ( as I type, we are on lockdown 3.0) and we chose Ed’s diner as our meeting point. As expected on arrival, the place was half full (technically full, thanks to covid protocol). So, we chose to eat outside the main hall. It was the perfect spot.  

The menu had been adjusted and the pancake option wasn’t there. It was probably because we got there at almost lunch hour. I opted for the all-day-breakfast option on the menu. The drinks came first. We ordered Mocha and caramel drink with cream (I did a poor job remembering the name of the latter, so let’s just stick with that). I had to taste the drink even before taking pictures. It was as delicious as it looked. You already know the Mocha can’t be mine.

Poor Mocha, sorry but not today. The quantity was large for the drink and the breakfast. The breakfast was delicious but not like the pancake I ate the first time.

The disparity in the portion above was because one of us ordered a small portion ( Not me!). The meal was quite affordable (sorry, i did not take a picture of the menu). We took couple of nice pictures and other customers kept staring. Well, understandably we were the only black people in the room and our melanin was dazzling (you agree right? Yeah)

I enjoyed every bit of this meal and day. It was worth it post-lockdown 1.0. I look forward to being back here for that pancake and I promise you some pictures when I do. Till then, masks up!