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How to write an introduction for a research paper WITH EXAMPLES

Introduction, like any other section of an academic paper, is important and needs to be written appropriately. It is possible for it to lack vital information or be devoid of important ones. Attached to this post is a video explaining in detail, all that is required to write a detailed and excellent introduction. Make sure to watch to the end. Interestingly, I've copied the introduction of one of my papers as an example below . Make sure to read and note the details explained in the video.  WATER FLUORIDATION VERSUS FLUORIDE TOOTHPASTE FOR THE PREVENTION OF DENTAL CARIES IN CHILDREN: A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW.   CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION World Health Organisation (1962) has defined dental caries as 'a localised, post-eruptive, pathological process of external origin involving softening of the hard tooth tissue and proceed to the formation of a cavity'. Caries leads to an imbalance in the de-mineralization and re-mineralization of dental hard tissue. The aetiology of dental c